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Jeremy J. Barr, Ph.D

Jeremy Barr
  • The University of Queensland, Doctor of Philosophy, 03/07-05/11
  • PhD advisors: Phil Bond, Gene Tyson and Linda L. Blackall
    Doctoral dissertation: The microbial ecology of granular sludge in enhanced biological phosphorus removal. 2011.

  • The University of Queensland, Graduate certificate in Research Commercialisation, 03/09-12/10
  • The University of Queensland, Bachelor of Biotechnology with Honours Class I, 03/03-12/06
  • Monash University, Associate Professor and Group Leader. 2023-present
  • Monash University, Senior Lecturer and Group Leader. 2020-2023
  • Monash University, Lecturer and Group Leader. 2016-2020
  • San Diego State University, Postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Forest Rohwer. 2011-2016.
  • Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM) Frank Fenner Award for distinguished contributions in microbiology. 2024
  • Vice-Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence by an Early Career Researcher, Monash University. 2021
  • Young Tall Poppy Science Award. 2021
  • Research Excellence by Early Career Researcher, Faculty of Science, Monash University. 2021
  • AusME Early Career Scientist Award. 2017.
  • SDSU Presidential Scholarship. 2015.
  • AusBiotec-GSK Student Excellence Award. 2010.
  • Teaching Excellence Award, The University of Queensland. 2010.
  • ASM Nancy Millis (previously named ASM-Becton Dickenson) PhD Award. 2009.
  • ISME Student Award. 2009.

Current Members


Laura Avellaneda-Franco


Sofia Dahlman


John Forsyth
Graduate Student

Gillis Abram_Picture

Ella Gillis Abram
Graduate Student


Leo Kan
Graduate Student


Isa Magnin-Bougma


Natasha Smith
Graduate Student


Dinesh Subedi


Marion Bichet
Graduate Student

I am a French PhD student with a master degree in microbiology from Pasteur Institute and Sorbonne University in Paris. Previously, I worked on the interaction between host and pathogens. In the Barr Lab, I am investigating the interactions between bacteriophages and eukaryotic cells. Using cutting-edge technology, like confocal microscopy and ddPCR, I will attempt to understand how bacteriophages influence epithelial cells and delineate the mechanisms by which these cells transcytose phage particles.  

Wai Hoe Chin
Graduate Student

I am a Malaysian PhD student. Previously, I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences (Infectious Diseases) from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom. In the Barr lab, my aim is to further develop the bacteriophage-adherence-to-mucus (BAM) model. Specifically, I want to understand the eco-evolutionary dynamics of phages within a life-like gut mucus environment. To that end, I perform my phage evolution and ecological experiments using a gut-on-a-chip microfluidic device.  Beyond the lab, I like to spend my time learning languages, exercising and eating (a lot). Follow me on Twitter @chinhoe589

Robert Ramirez Garcia
Graduate Student

I am a Joint PhD student from the Monash-Warwick Alliance working on the interface betweensynthetic biology and bacteriophages. I got started with bioprocess engineering, bioelectrochemistry and metabolic pathways but soonI switched to the molecular world of phages! In the Barr Lab, I want to learn about phagetranscytosis. About me, I am all about science and technology. But outside the lab I like to travel, to learnabout languages and the cultural heritage of the world. My hobbies are martial arts, non-fiction,guitar and nature itself. Follow me on Twitter @raga_rob

Fernando Gordillo Altamirano
Graduate Student

I am a Medical Doctor from Ecuador and I have a master's degree in Infection & Immunity from the University of Sydney. At the Barr lab I am tackling one of the most important threats to global health: antimicrobial resistance. Specifically, I am looking at bacteriophage therapy as a treatment strategy against multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens such as Acinetobacter baumannii. Outside of the lab, I spend a lot of time at the gym, binge-watching TV series, cooking and baking. Follow me on Twitter @NandoGordillo

Ruzeen Patwa

I have a master’s degree in biology from New York University, and have worked in several cancer biology labs identifying genes that mediate cancer progression. In Barr lab, I provide technical support to the lab members, as well as daily management of the lab. Apart from lab work, I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my family, and catching up with friends over a cup of coffee.

Fang Tang
Visiting Scholar

I am an associate professor from China. I have my doctorate degree in veterinary of medicine from Nanjing Agricultural University in China. In the Barr lab, I will investigate the tripartite interaction between pathogenic E. coli, bacteriophage and gut mucus layer. I first investigate this in cell line cultures before proceeding to the gut-on-chip and finally, in animal models. Outside of the lab, I enjoy travelling and experiencing the gorgeous views in Australia

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